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Humans have built towering skyscrapers, breathtaking bridges, and incredible pyramids. But, our skills are no match for Mother Nature’s architecture. Taking decades and even centuries to form, the natural wonders of the world bring us beautiful scenery that centers the soul in this chaotic world. Nature brings a necessary balance to our digital world, providing us with much-needed tranquility via natural artistry.

From epic mountain ranges to bubbling volcanoes, there’s a vast number of natural wonders to see before the sun sets for your last time. Death is what makes life so grand because just like your favorite TV shows, life can’t last forever (or it will get boring as hell). As we searched for the very best of nature’s artwork, we realized there are way more than seven. After careful analysis, based on what makes each place truly special, along with its history and vivacity, we settled on 20 natural wonders of the world that are picture perfect landmarks straight out of dreamland.


Spanning eight countries, the Amazon Rainforest is a mythically enormous 5,500,000 square kilometers. You could spend a lifetime discovering the wonders it holds in its 1.4-billion acres of dense forests, which makes up half of Earth’s remaining tropical forests. There are 4,100 miles of winding rivers cutting through the lush green land, providing hydration for the plants and various species living there. This legendary rainforest doesn’t just provide breathtaking scenery to give our eyes a break from the digital world, it’s crucial to the health of our planet, as it contains 140 billion metric tons of carbon helping to stabilize the global climate.

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