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Unless you want to drip-dry your way through a backcountry camping trip, odds are you’re going to need a camp towel for the journey. And no, that doesn’t mean we suggest bringing along a standard bulky bath towel for the trip. For one, they not suitable for compact transient travel. Also, when compared to packable camping towels, bath towels dry off at a considerably lengthier rate — which is open season for bacterial growth and moldy stenches to take hold.

That’s where micro cloth comes in handy. This common component of packable camp towels allows these dry-time companions to really shine in the ability to give you that fresh feeling under the stars. And not only do they dry in considerably less time, but their lightweight nature reduces bulk in the backpack — increasing storage capacity for other more important items like camp stoves, sleeping bags, first aid kits, etc. You get the picture, which is why we were on a mission to find the best packable camping towels out there. What follows is this list of eight — for your hygiene — because trust us, your travel mates will thank you.


Made with quick-drain microfiber that’s proven to dry up to 70 percent faster than your standard bath towel, the PackTowel was an easy pick for the list. Such outdoor-friendly qualities not only make this an ideal camping towel but a great beach and travel towel to boot. Each piece can also soak up to four times its weight in water, wrings out with ease, hosts a polygene odor control for extended outdoor uses, and comes complete with a zipper and storage pouch.

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