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There was a time in our lives when we believed that all you need to go off-roading is a vehicle that can handle it. However, as time has gone by (and with many mistakes made and missteps taken), we’ve come to understand that a successful off-roading trip requires a few more things to get you and your ride through to the other side.

There are a few things your vehicle should be equipped with before you ever consider going off-road, like a winch and a roof rack (or ample storage space). But that’s just the beginning of it. There are also a number of accessories you should carry with you at all times, unless you want to risk getting stranded out in the wilderness. We’ve put together the following guide to help you find those accessories. These are 12 must-have essentials for off-roading.


While we wouldn’t necessarily call these a necessity, fixing up your pickup truck or SUV while out on the trails can be tough work and can be very rough on your hands. That goes double if you have to dig up some mud, clear gravel and/or sand, or do any kind of maintenance on the undercarriage. Keep your digits protected by wearing a pair of Mechanix Wear Original Gloves. They’re tough as hell, water-resistant, and machine-washable — because, trust us, they’re gonna get dirty.

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